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Posted by mandyhuckins on February 16, 2010

This weekend, Wichita hosted Equifest, which is an equestrian exhibition with vendors, clinicians, lectures and exhibits.  It was really fun.  Although I kept hearing people say that it was better/bigger/more well attended in previous years, it was fun for me because it was my first time.  I really enjoyed seeing Kay Meredith’s clinic on Saturday about dressage.  And, of course I enjoyed the shopping.  Here is the one thing I bought for myself:

This came from South Pointe Equestrian Jewelry.  Their stuff was gorgeous and it was so difficult to make a final choice.  Another lady and I were shopping at the same time and as I often do, I started commenting on what I thought SHE should buy.  At one point, we even exchanged necklaces, but ending up trading back for our final purchase.  Her husband had been hanging back, waiting for her to make her final selection.  She called him up when it was time to pay.  I was hanging back and continuing to browse while the husband paid for his wife’s purchase.  Unbeknownst to me, the lady working in the booth mistakenly assumed that we were all together, since she had seen me helping the lady choose her necklace.  She started to ring up both of our choices for the gentleman to pay for!  He said, “I didn’t realize she was going to pick more than one…but, whatever she wants, I guess.”  Isn’t that sweet?  Unfortunately, we discovered what had happened and I didn’t get a free necklace that day.  Darn.

You can’t see them in this picture, but I have the perfect pair of earrings to go with this necklace.  They are delicate pieces of turquoise my sister bought me on a business trip to New Mexico.  I love it when new things you bring in complement and enhance things you already own.

(Note: what is up with the double chin in this picture????)


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