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Virginia Beach Shopalooza….

Posted by mandyhuckins on February 8, 2010

One of the primary activities of my girls week in Virginia Beach was shopping (the others being sleeping, facebooking, talking and eating brownies).  We found some amazing, amazing deals, so I thought I would show off a few.

This is an outfit I put together for church yesterday.  The skirt (Banana Republic Outlet), shoes (Kenneth Cole) and tights were mine already.  The t-shirt and jacket were new purchases on this trip.  The jacket came from Ann Taylor Loft and was originally priced $89.50.  It was on the clearance rack for $49.99 and the store was having a “take an additional 50% off clearance prices” sale.  So, that ended up costing $25 (a 72% savings off the original price).  The t-shirt came from JC Penney, a store I don’t normally frequent.  But, it is very cute and comfortable.  All that bling at the top is made up of little, silver, plastic circles sewn on.  I have no idea how this will wash (I will turn it inside out and wash it on the gentle cycle), but at $5.17, I couldn’t resist.  The original price of this shirt was $26, still not bad, so my savings was 80%. 

Today, I put on this outfit to venture out into the snowy world and have a consultation with an oral surgeon.  Not too happy about having to do that, but at least I was comfortable and liked what I was wearing.  The only thing new in this outfit is the sweater.  I bought it at Macy’s.  Original price was $48 and I paid $11.52 for a savings of 76%.  I paired this with some dark jeans, brown high-heeled boots, a brown t-shirt and some turquoise jewelry.  I apologize for the picture quality – this is what you get when you try to take a picture of yourself in the mirror in the hallway!  But, you get the idea, right?

Stay tuned for more outfits from the Virginia Beach Shopalooza.


2 Responses to “Virginia Beach Shopalooza….”

  1. Jenny said

    Super cute!!! I LOVE the first outfit! I wore my red Macy’s sweater to church last night w/ some dark brown dress pants and brown heels. Should’ve taken pics for you!

  2. Lori said

    I wore the red Hilfiger sweater that I got for $8.92 from Britta at Macy’s yesterday. Today I am wearing the $9.99 striped red and gray sweater from Limited (that Ichanged into that day because the pink sweater was too tight on me). Still love it–it is very, very soft.

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