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The. BEST. Mascara. Ever.

Posted by mandyhuckins on February 7, 2010

I learned a lot of things last week while spending the week in Virginia Beach with my girlfriends.  One of the most dramatic involved a wonderful new mascara – Double Extend from L’Oreal. 

Apparently this mascara uses “beauty tube technology” to lengthen your lashes and advertises “salon like lash extensions”.  I don’t know exactly how it works, but it certainly does.  Here are some photos to demonstrate my results.  (Please ignore the fact that I need to pluck my brow.  Please do look closely in the reflection in my eyeball to see the ocean – that was the view from our 16th floor penthouse suite in Virginia Beach!)

A picture of my eye without anything on my lashes:

Now, here is a picture of the first step – a white under coat that nourishes and protects your lashes that creates the “perfect base for the tube application.”

The final step is to apply the mascara that wraps around the white undercoat and forms the tube.

Isn’t that amazing!?!?  And, the best part is that this mascara will never run.  You can cry your eyes out (and I did) and you won’t see a single speck out of place.  Once your lashes have been soaked in warm water (i.e. washing your face or in the shower), you can gently slide the tubes off of your lashes and let them go down the drain.  That was scary to me the first time I removed them – I thought my actual lashes were falling out, but of course, that wasn’t the case.  Now, I think it is kind of fun.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Allison, the beauty genius, who recommended this mascara miracle to my friend Lori. 

And, if you want to download a $2 off coupon for this mascara, visit the L’Oreal website to establish an account and then download and print off coupons. (Salley, Lori, Lisa and Jenny, I have already sent you each a coupon via email.){userdata//d+d//|diagnostic|main:subcategory:cosmetics_eyes|media:_blank|nav|overlay:_blank}

We purchased ours this weekend at Target for $8.99 each.  Just now, I looked at the Target website and I see that they have a double pack available online only for $9.99!  If it is possible to combine the coupon (and I don’t know that it is), then that would be a super, super deal.


One Response to “The. BEST. Mascara. Ever.”

  1. Jenny said

    Another testimony for the mascara: I cried & cried this morning throughout the church service & my eyes looked perfect afterward! I did not get the coupon you sent, but hopefully I can use the one posted here. 🙂

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