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Better to give….

Posted by mandyhuckins on January 8, 2010

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season.  I know I did!  Having my family here for a Kansas Christmas was better than I even expected.  I am so glad that the uncooperative weather didn’t keep them away. 

While I know that giving and receiving presents should not really be the focus of Christmas (there are more spiritual and altruistic things upon which to focus) – it sure is fun and I love it.  I love picking things out for people I love and imagining them opening a package and being thrilled with its contents. 

When my sister and I were little, we would sometimes do a little something we called the twelve days of Christmas.  On the twelve days leading up to Christmas, we would give each other a little gift we had made.  One year, I remember my mom bought us each a tiny little Christmas tree for our room.  So, that year, she and I made little ornaments for each other and gave them during the twelve days of Christmas.  By Christmas, we had a nicely decorated little tree.  It was really fun.

This year, I did a grown up twelve days with her.  I gave her twelve gifts – each having to do with the corresponding number.  Some of them were a stretch:

1) An Infinity Scarf from the Limited in Teal (this was on her Christmas list)

2.) A pair of sea glass earrings I purchased during a business trip to Cuba in the fall

3.) Three silver chains of differing lengths

4.) Four matching makeup (0r whatever) bags that all fit inside each other

5.) A set of five little rice bowls, grey with white flowers on them, that I purchased during a business trip to Japan in the fall

6.) A makeup set with 3 pots of shimmery eyeshadow and three application brushes

7.) A set of purple earrings that had seven dangling stones each

8.)  Eight bracelets in different shades of cream and gold, made from tiny beads

9.) A pair of black ballet flats – size 9

10.) A set of 10 notecards with a very cute picture of an Italian Greyhound on the front

11.) A bag of marzipan fruit candy (our favorite) – and can you believe?  There were exactly 11 pieces inside!

12.) A purple Banana Republic wallet to replace the white one I got her last year (12 credit card slots inside!)

I think she was really excited and it was so fun to watch her open all twelve gifts.  My dad said, “Is anyone else going to open any presents?”  🙂

So, the old saying is that it is better to give than to receive.   But, I don’t know about that.  Take a look at some of my loot:

My mom and dad bought me this GORGEOUS lamp to put in my home office.  I would take a picture of it in action, but I am embarrassed at the disreputable state my office is in at the moment.  So, you just get the stock photo:

Lamps  Warrior Horse Table Lamp

I do feel terrible about how much they spent on this lamp, but it is breathtaking and is truly the most beautiful horse lamp ever made.

Equally lovely is the pair of pumps my sister got me.  Again, I would take a picture of the actual shoes, but I can’t quite stand up in them yet!  I need to practice. 

Aren’t they to die for?  So gorgeous.

And, my sweet husband bought me a Big Buddha handbag I had been wanting.  Have you heard of this brand yet?  They are great.  They are pretty inexpensive (as far as handbags go), but they look really high end.  I always get compliments whenever I carry one.  And, so far, every time I have used this new bag since Christmas, someone has stopped me to tell me how pretty it is or to ask where I got it.  It is just like the picture below, except in a deep purple.  Apparently that color was hard to find.  My husband bought the last one in our local Dillard’s and my mom and sister admitted that they had tried to get it for me at their own Dillards, but were told it never came in purple!

He also gave me this lovely grey/silver velvet blazer from Ann Taylor.  He picked this out all on his own as a surprise and it fits like a tailor made it especially for me.

Petite Stretch Velvet Jacket

I am definitely a lucky girl!


One Response to “Better to give….”

  1. Lori said

    I’m impressed with Colin’s shopping skills!!! I just get the gift-card. Which is fine with me…

    I love your 12 days of Christmas. I think I am going to borrow that somehow for next Christmas.

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