Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

The Windy City…

Posted by mandyhuckins on September 5, 2009

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to visit one of my favorite places: Chicago.  It is such a nice city, made even better by the fact that my sister and her husband live there.  And, on this visit, my mom and dad were there as well (my dad’s work conference was the instigation for our trip).  It was a short visit, I flew in on Saturday evening and left on Tuesday evening, but we still managed to have lots of fun.  My sister and I went to see a show called Cavalia on Saturday night (more on that in a separate post).  I got to see their new apartment (very, very cute) and their new dog, Stella (also very, very cute).  More on her in another post too.  Mom and sister and I spent a fun, full day doing some shopping – including our standard trip to Macy’s with lunch in the walnut room.  We all had dinner together as a family at the same restaurant that hosted my sister and her husband’s rehearsal dinner almost one year ago.  My mom, my sister and I also toured the museum where my brother-in-law works.  It was fabulous.  The only downside was that my husband was not able to come. 

Chicago Building

Beautiful Chicago Building

M&M Going Out to Dinner

Here are the sisters (in Mom and Dad’s hotel room) wearing some newly purchased duds (new BCBG shirt for me, new Banana Republic skirt for my sister).


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