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Horses are dangerous…

Posted by mandyhuckins on August 14, 2009

There is a reason why you should never put your arm through the reins when you are standing on the ground next to your horse.  She might toss her head and spin around and jerk backwards.  This would twist them around your bicep and around her head and tighten them like a noose or a vice-grip.  This is the beautiful result:  I am lucky – it is just bruising.  It could have been so much worse!



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I would starve…

Posted by mandyhuckins on August 11, 2009

if I had to grow my own food!  I tried to grow one little tomato plant in a pot on my back porch.  I eagerly watched as this little green ball grew and grew.  It started to turn red – my mouth started to water.  Then, it split open and when I picked it, it looked like this:


Blast!  Rotten!

The inside looked like this when I cut into it – delicious – but, I was too afraid to try it.


Thank goodness I can still go to the supermarket and buy vegetables other people have grown.

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Dancer’s Photo Shoot…

Posted by mandyhuckins on August 11, 2009

GorgeousA very kind lady at the stables, who also happens to be a very talented photographer, offered to give us 30 minute photo sessions with our horses on Saturday.   I jumped at the chance.  This is a very photographed horse already, but I can’t seem to get enough.  As my husband said, “oh good, now we will finally have a picture of Dancer to frame and hang on the wall.”  This was said with a good measure of sarcasm.  But, it was fun to have a semi-professional photo shoot and I think the results speak for themselves.

Heads and Sky


Walking Towards

Side by Side3

Dancer Hugging Me



Here is the funniest one of the bunch…she had been so well-behaved, standing pretty quietly for all the posing, when we finally turned her loose, she let out a HUGE buck!  The camera caught her on the way down, but look at how much air she still has underneath her – all four feet are off the ground.


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