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House Tour, part 2…

Posted by mandyhuckins on July 24, 2009

You have already seen the living/dining area in our little house.  Now it is time to introduce you to my little bathroom.  This is the bathroom right off the master bedroom and my husband decided it could be mine, while he would use the larger bathroom in the hallway.  I am delighted with this arrangement – I now have my own little domain!  It was bland and dirty (50 years worth of dirt in the grout between the tiles on the floor) when we moved it.  I spent hours scrubbing with baking soda paste and it made a big difference.  I also chose a very bold paint color called Eucalyptus Leaf by Behr (available at the Home Depot).  [apologies in advance – these are not professional photographs – not that you have come to expect “professional” when it comes to the G.E. blog]


This is the shot of the bathroom from the doorway.  The shower stall is to the left, but that is about it…it is very small!


This is the wall across from the toilet.  You can barely see the little wire shelf underneath the towel rack in this photo.  It makes a tight space even tighter, but I had to do something because the only storage in this bathroom is directly under the sink and in the medicine cabinet.  I just needed a little more than that.  What were two people supposed to do in this bathroom?




This is a little watercolor of the Spanish Steps in Rome that we purchased from a street vendor during one of our many trips to that fair city when we lived in Germany.  It is really cute and it “matches” the aquas and browns used in this bathroom perfectly.  This photo really doesn’t do it justice.


And, finally, a word about the window dressing….my husband warned me that he did not want me spending a lot of money buying “curtains and stuff” when we moved into our new house.  Well, to me, that is just one of the costs of moving…it seems like nothing you had in your old house works in your new space.  But, after having read and received inspiration from many thrifty home decorating blogs, I came up with an inexpensive solution.  These are two kitchen hand towels, folded over and clipped to curtain rings and then threaded on a $9 cafe rod.  I am sure interior designers all over the world experienced a sharp pain in the back of their collective skulls the moment I installed this bad boy – it isn’t going to win any design awards, that is for sure.  But, it was really easy, it does add some color to the bathroom, it does help to “finish” my windows.  So, it is good enough for me.  Plus, in my own tiny realm, I am queen and what I say goes.  [And, when I get around to the kitchen tour, you will see this “technique” again.]


2 Responses to “House Tour, part 2…”

  1. margauxhf said

    The room looks wonderful. I love the color blue you chose, it’s very bright and uplifting. Your bathroom looks like a nice place to wake up in every morning. The window curtain was a good idea too, and it does add some color!Even if it isn’t all fancy and professional. Now all you need is a toilet paper holder!

  2. Lori said

    So cute…and the curtains work perfectly. Yeah, John used to give me the “don’t spend a lot on curtains” thing, but he’s seen how good I’ve gotten about reusing and recycling that he’s let up some…of course, we’ve been lucky and haven’t really had lots of moves in the last few years…well, I take that back…not lots of duty station moves (only two since 2000!) but several houses in each duty station…and I too am just going to make what works work. Or try to! Can’t wait to see the kitchen!

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