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Is this really sad?…

Posted by mandyhuckins on July 23, 2009

dawn logo

I am a crier.  It doesn’t take much to bring a tear to my eye.  Sometimes this is very inconvenient.  For example, songs often move me to tears, and there is one song in particular that has made me cry ever since I was a little girl.  Once, when I was in a store and the elevator music version of that song was playing, I had to leave rather than embarrass myself in public. 

My most recent silliness involves the Dawn dish soap commercial where they simulate removing oil from a duckling, a penguin and an otter by washing them with Dawn.  Have you seen it?  For some reason that sweet song paired with those sweet little animals really gets to me.  Now, whenever I hear it, the prickling begins. 

I thought the lyrics were “they’re gonna wash me” (actually, the lyrics say “they’re gonna wash away” in reference to troubles) – so I think what got me was the thought of these cute little innocent animals trusting humans to wash them and remove their troubles – the very same troubles created by humans in the first place.  I know…silly.  

You can watch the commercial here:  So cute!

When I was trying to find the commercial online, I happened upon a scathing blog post entitled “Dawn Kills Animals.”  This almost stopped me in my tracks.  I thought “well, if any of those animals actually died, then that would really give me a reason to cry.”  But, the primary complaint against Dawn by the blog author was that the commercial was “simulated” (of course!) and in order to film it, the company had to cover animals in non-toxic paint and corn syrup to simulate oil.  Horrors!  (read sarcasm here) Well…this is hardly killing them, animals get dirty and have baths all the time.  Just ask my dog…  I love animals, and I don’t believe they should be treated cruelly, but it makes me crazy when people take this too far.  The author apparently just wanted to use this to springboard to her main platform:  calling out Procter & Gamble (the parent company of Dawn) on their animal testing.  Leaving that big black hole alone…I have no problems with Dawn “simulating” an oil spill clean up in their commercial, so I am posting it.


One Response to “Is this really sad?…”

  1. Tristan said

    My wife dyed some of our cat’s fur red with non-toxic wash out hair dye. Most of the time it’s funny. 🙂

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