Great Expectations

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My dream tv stand…

Posted by mandyhuckins on July 13, 2009

Before we left Montgomery, I tried to talk to my husband about purchasing a piece of furniture that could be used as a holder for our big screen television and assorted audio/visual accouterments.  After I went out scouring the town for our choices, he refused to consider purchasing anything.  He thought we shouldn’t spend the money so close to our move.  When I pushed him on where we would put the television (because I know this is an important subject to him), he said that we would make do with something we had for a while.  So, the tv is sitting on a sofa table and the cable box, blu-ray player and stereo components are sitting on the ground. 


Obviously, this is less than satisfactory.  So, almost as soon as we had this set up, he started talking about buying one of the cheap, plastic entertainment centers that I really hate.   We were stymied – he wanted to buy something cheap and temporary – I still wanted to look for a piece of furniture we could be proud to have in our home.  I spent an entire Saturday going to antique shops here in Wichita, but I didn’t see a single thing that would work. 

I found something great (and cheap) on Craigslist – and although I sent the seller an email the same day that the listing was posted, it had already been purchased by someone else. 

I found a buffet at World Market that was reasonably priced, the right dimensions and ok for the purpose, but somehow, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

Then, on a whim, I searched on eBay.  Guess what I found?  The absolute perfect piece of furniture for my purpose.

tv cabinet

Maybe this isn’t your style, but I ADORE it.  It is a French antique and it is very similar in style to a china hutch/buffet we bought in Germany that we love, love, love.  See…


The only problem is the price – it is about $600 more than the upper limit of what I had hoped to spend.  (So, it goes without saying that it is about 4x more than what my husband would have liked to have spent.)  Also, it is located in New Jersey!  The seller is an antiques dealer and he offered in the listing to help arrange for shipping.  How much would that be, I wondered.  I tried, but I just couldn’t get this out of my mind.  So, I emailed the seller and explained that while I loved the piece, it was already over my budget.  I asked how the shipping would work….he replied and offered to do it for $100.  Basically, it sounds like it comes on a moving van whenever the company has one going by my area of the country.  That could take anywhere from 30 to 60 days…but, $100 is a good deal.  The shipping company is fully bonded, licensed and insured.  The seller has a 100% positive feedback rating. 

I have emailed my husband to lay out my case and have broken into a cold sweat awaiting his reply.


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