Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

It’s the thought that counts…

Posted by mandyhuckins on July 13, 2009

On Friday afternoon, my husband had a sad and weary look on face when he came home from work.  His day had been hectic, but the thing that put him over the edge is that he had bought me some flowers and then asked the lady to hold them in the cooler until the end of the day when he planned to come by and pick them up.  Well…he got busy with other things and then the day was gone and the shop was closed for the weekend.  Poor boy!  I told him I didn’t mind at all and that it was definitely the thought that counted.  In fact, I went over to get them today and they are gorgeous!


I think I will still be able to enjoy them for several days.  Now, if he really wants to be my hero, he will say yes to my dream tv stand.  (See my previous post on the subject.)


One Response to “It’s the thought that counts…”

  1. Lori said

    I’m wondering where my invite was?! Too cute, as only I’d expect!

    I LOVE the TV stand, by the way…it is gorgeous and totally goes with your house and style…Just use the tactics John uses, “But I like it.” Or, you could always lay out Tim’s rules– 1)Do it with permission. 2)Do it without knowledege (as in fly to Montana to ‘look at a car’, drive it back and then tell your wife you bought it. Or, John’s personal favorite, 3)Do it without permission. Of course, I’d ask Salley how that goes over first! 🙂

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