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The 4th of July…

Posted by mandyhuckins on July 8, 2009

Usually means relaxation, but this year it meant yardwork.  As you can see from this picture, our new house, while blessed with mature trees, does not have much else going for it in the yard department. 


Here is the after:


The side/front before:


And after:


On Saturday morning on my way to the stable, I stopped for gas.  Then, my car would not restart.  I called my husband.  He came, poked around under the trunk, tried to start my car by using the jumper cables and determined that the battery was bad.  We went home for tools to remove the battery and so that I could change out of my riding clothes.  We took out the battery and headed to WalMart to have it tested.  Yep – they confirmed it was shot, but they did not sell the kind of battery I needed.  Luckily, for a mere $135, Sears did.  Back to the gas station to install the battery.  A quick lunch a long and expensive trip to Wal-Mart and we were ready to begin.


While my husband was unloading and organizing all of our supplies, I had to go back and retrace our steps because he thought he had lost his Blackberry.  After going back and searching and waiting in lines to be able to ask someone if it had been turned in to a lost-and-found to no avail, I called home to report the news.  “Um, babe, you will never believe this” he says to me, “I just opened the door to the car and it was in the pocket.”  Hmm.  You didn’t thoroughly check in the car before you sent me off on  goose chase?  Like that should surprise me – this is the man who asked me the following set of questions while we were getting ready to attend an evening function on Thursday night.  “Mandy, were are my rings?’  (By the kitchen sink where he took them off to wash his hands.) “Mandy, have you seen my blue shirt?” (I don’t know where that turned out to be.)  “Mandy, where are the shoes that go to my uniform?” (Those were left at his office when he changed clothes after a change of command ceremony earlier in the week.)  “Mandy, have you seen my cell phone lying around anywhere?” (That turned out to be out in his car.)  So, I should have learned to check behind him by now.

I digress…my point is that after all of the running around, we weren’t ready to do anything in the yard until about 2:00 in the afternoon.  Not exactly according to plan.  The ripping out of old things took quite a while.  So, all we were able to accomplish before we had to shower and get to a 4th of July party that evening was planting the geraniums and mandevilla in the planter box and replanting the red-tipped bushes on the side.  My husband also tilled up the front bed and we planted some hydrangeas I bought weeks ago in the back yard. 

Here they are…beautiful!


I hope they stay blue.

On Sunday afternoon, after a trip to Home Depot for more supplies, we finished up the front bed.  Here is a close up of some of the flowers we planted.





In the middle is a butterfly bush.  The two larger bushes are forsythia.  Too bad we have already missed their beautiful, golden, flowery displays this year.  We will have something to look forward to next spring (if they survive!).  And, the other plants are spirea.  We should still get some blooms on them this year, I think.

The geraniums and in the back a crimson mandevilla:


 My grandma Judy is known for her geraniums.  If I can get these looking half as good as hers, I will be very pleased.  And, my grandma Gladys gave me a mandevilla as a housewarming gift when we bought our first house in Charleston.  It was a pink one (my preference, actually), but the red looks better here.

In the back yard, we each have a tomato plant in a pot.  We got these when we first moved in.  Mine is short, but has two good looking tomatoes on it.



Colin’s has been growing like a weed and is much taller than mine.  It has its first small tomato:


It sure is fun watching things grow.  I have been watering everything and the weather hasn’t been too bad for the past few days.  Please cross your fingers that everything will survive.


2 Responses to “The 4th of July…”

  1. Lori said

    Love all the yardwork…that’s the best about base housing…you go in, make it WAY better looking than when you were given the yard, and then when you move out, they question you and ask about the plants “because they weren’t here when you checked in and should be removed.” Or, at least that’s been OUR experiences!

  2. Jenny said

    Everything looks great, Mandy! Sounds like you’re settling in well up there. 🙂

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