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More yard sales…

Posted by mandyhuckins on June 1, 2009

It is time for the weekly edition of other people’s trash to Mandy’s treasure!

Despite the fact that I am suffering from a summer cold (hate those!), I managed to get out of bed on Saturday morning and head over to a neighborhood yard sale.  If it hadn’t been a neighborhood wide event, I probably would have skipped yard-saleing this weekend.  I also had to make an appearance at a barn work-day, so I couldn’t spend the day lounging in bed as I would have liked.  As it was, I got a late start (after 7:00!) heading to the yard sales and I was worried that I might have already missed out on everything. 

I hit many, many sales – I think eight or nine in all.  Sometimes I found a few things, other times I did not.  I did not find the elusive belgian waffle-maker, but never fear – I am sure persistance will pay off in the end.  Here is what I did find:


Two gold plastic chargers for $.75 each.  I use these alot during the holidays as underplates at the table or candleholders.


A set of ceramic pumpkin salt and pepper shakers and a little ceramic lidded pumpkin designed to hold a tealight inside.  This will go great in my fall decorations and I LOVE all things pumpkin.  $.75 for all.  This was also the sale where I gave the cutest little girl one dollar for the tiniest, yet tartest cup of lemonade.  I am a sucker for cute kids selling un-palatable drinks.


Costume jewelry set of pearls for $.75.  I love pearls – but already have several strands.  I am thinking of giving these as a gift or using them in some other creative way.  Wrapped around a package?  Especially a wedding shower gift?  If you have any other great ideas, be sure to let me know in the comments section.


This cute little lamp for $3.00.  I have been on the lookout for cute little lamps – now I have two.  (I found a little pineapple one last weekend.)  I feel a change of lampshade coming on, but the base is cute as is.


How many of these cheese servers are out there?   I have seen them many times in the past and on many of your blogs.  Of course, I bought it for the glass dome (the wooden base will probably be trashed).  There are so many cute uses for cloches out there.   Now I have one to use when the inspiration strikes me.  $2.00


These little sherbert dishes were only $.10 each.  In my best blog-stalking, copycatting mode, I plan to use them to create pedestal dishes the way I have seen many of you more creative bloggers doing.  Now I am on the lookout for cute (paintable) dishes. 


This pair of paintings was $2.00.  I bought them for their gorgeous frames:


I wasted no time in popping the paintings out and covering them with chalkboard paint.  Now I have two of these:


Some of you might remember this – I picked it up a few weeks ago for $10 at a yard sale.


(sorry about the fact that this picture is so huge compared to the others in this post – I must have been feeling generous when I took this one!)

I removed the mirror and covered the painted back of it with chalkboard paint (I am hoping this holds up).  I removed the hardware, lightly sanded the piece and spraypainted it a light green color. 


It looks good from far away, but up close there are two spots that look like this:


The paint is all buckled and crackled.  This didn’t happen until I applied a top coat of poly.  My other foray into spray painting yard sale finds was a valet for my husband.  I did many light coats of a brown spray paint.  It wasn’t until the very last coat (no poly involved) that this happened:


Has this happned to anyone else?  Can anyone help me?  You all make spray painting look like a cinch. 

Oh, one other thing – I found this sitting out by the road on trash pick up day.  I thought it would make a nice printer stand in my office.   Of course, it needs a fresh coat of paint, so I need to be schooled on my painting skills before I tackle it.


Of course,  I am linking my finds with the fabulous Southern Hospitality blog’s .  Man, she found some AMAZING stuff this weekend.


11 Responses to “More yard sales…”

  1. Carmen said

    I bought one of those cheese cloches at a yard sale last month for a $1! 🙂

  2. Kammy said

    Love all your finds…..You have a great eye for seeing how to make it pretty !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. Great stuff! I love the little office/chalk board piece. Not sure about what caused the crinkles. I’ve had that happen, too. However, I don’t think it detracts from the looks. It makes it look old…which is good nowadays! lol Great finds…Debbie

  4. Great finds! Great deal on the cheese dome – it can be used for so many things.

  5. Toni said

    The ceramic pumpkins would look great with the dishes I’m acquiring for my holiday table scape 🙂 Love the transformation of the green chalkboard.

  6. Days of Grace said

    I love what you did with the mirror. I don’t know about the paint problem. I’m a newbie sprayer!

  7. Mandy, you did good too! Not sure on the paint buckling thing, but it might have had something underneath that caused the paint to do that. You could probably sand that spot down & respray.

    And yes, how many cheese domes have I seen on blogs? SO many! ha-ha

  8. Lori said

    Your talent is amazing. I’m very impressed!

  9. Susan said

    I love that lampshade…Not sure on the paint buckling either…so far I’ve not had that problem. Probably shouldn’t say that as now it will…;D

  10. Jenn said

    I find that when it buckles it usually means that it wasn’t clean enough before painting. So sanding can usually take care of that problem as long as you get all of the dust–I suggest tack cloth to help with dust (because it can also cause issues like the crinkling). Good luck!

  11. Mary said

    My cousin just gave me a cheese thingie just like that one. Been wondering what to do with it.

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