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The lust list…green is my favorite color…

Posted by mandyhuckins on May 28, 2009

I recently read an article…somewhere…(if you read it – tell me and I will give credit where credit is due, but I honestly can’t remember) that talked about getting a shopping high without spending any money.  My trick for this used to be going shopping with someone who had more money than I did (or was just more willing to part with it).  One memorable shopping trip to Milan (yes, the real Milan in Italy!) comes to mind when my very good girlfriend and fun shopping buddy decided to buy a handbag at Prada.  Helping her pick it out and flitting around telling her she should try this one and that one while a very cute, very young Italian man rushed to help us with our every desire was perfection!  And, my husband wasn’t mad at me when I got home.  🙂 

Anyway….the point of this article was that sometimes the act of shopping is just as fun as actually buying something.  Hmmm….I am not so sure about that.  But, I do enjoy shopping, even when I am helping someone else find what they are looking for.  I also like creating wish lists.  And, I have seen many bloggers out there highlighting things they like.  So, drumroll please…..introducing “The Lust List.”  These posts will highlight things I have found that I love.  Some of the things might actually end up being purchased by me, but I imagine that most of the things will remain tucked away like little jewels here in the blog.  I will just have to get back to you on whether or not the pleasure level to collect them here is equal to actually purchasing them.

I am dedicating the first installment of TLL to my favorite color: green.  To kick it off, here is a delicious apple green tote from Cole Haan.  Sometimes I forget about Cole Haan, but they make a high quality product – and sometimes it is SO me!  I would look adorable using this as a carry-on or running to the library to bring home a load of reading material.  It is big enought to hold a laptop!  Retail price on this was $375 and it was posted on eBay for $280 or best offer.  I know in time, it will come down, so maybe there is a chance.

How about these lovelies from Christian Louboutin?  Is your heart beating faster?  Mine is.  Retail was $795 at Bergdorf Goodman, but they were on sale for $385.  Good thing they are sold out.

Christian Louboutin Satin Slingback - photo


Alexa from J Crew….retail $225…..


Here is a lovely necklace made of one of my favorite stones, chalcedony.  It comes from an Etsy seller – YSDesigns.  She has beautiful things.   This retails for $185.

Melissa - Necklace

Also from Etsy and something I might actually be able to afford…the Chloe Vintage Apron from Boojiboo – retails for $28.75.  And, you really should go check her out – she has SO many cute aprons in several styles and many different fabric choices.

The CHLOE Vintage Inspired AMY BUTLER Water Garden Full Apron


2 Responses to “The lust list…green is my favorite color…”

  1. chrissy said

    I love that apron. I just got one off of Etsy a few weeks ago, but it’s brown with white polka dots. If I had seen that green one, I would have gotten it instead!

  2. Lori said

    I love that apron too!!! John would kick my butt for the other stuff, but he’d LOVE to see me in the apron!

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