Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

A new horse…

Posted by mandyhuckins on May 28, 2009

No, not for me.  My friend/riding student has found a horse to lease/purchase.  We don’t know much about the horse because he was donated to the riding team at the University a few years ago and unfortunately, they had the wrong paperwork in his file.  What we do know is that he is a Hanoverian (I used my masterful powers of deduction to come up with that when I saw the brand on his left hip.  It is the same as the one Dancer has.  Leads me to believe he might have been bred/born in Germany.)  His name is EisVogel (translated from German to English =Ice Eagle, I believe) and he goes by Eis.

Last week, we went out to ride him.  He is lovely and has a very kind soul.  No horse is perfect – this one has had to have his hocks injected and he is a bit overweight at the moment.  He also has a bit of a club foot on the front right (which had also lost a shoe the morning of the day we went to ride).  We rode him in A’s saddle which was a bit too tight and her bridle which had a different (softer) bit than the one they had been using for him.  It was a very windy day – but, given all of those things, he was really lovely.

Here is a short video of me cantering him.  As you can see, he got a little fussy to the left, but came right back to work when I steadied him and drove him forward.

I don’t think anyone is currently riding him dressage – but, he definitely has had dressage training.  When I asked for some lateral movements, he responded.  I could tell that he knew what he was doing, he was just a bit rusty.  He leg yields beautifully, but fought me a little when I tried half-pass at the trot.  He did offer a pretty nice shoulder-in and responded well when I asked for a lengthened stride.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get any of this exciting stuff on video.  You know how that goes. 

Assuming he vets ok, I think he will be a good horse for A.  After riding some challenging thoroughbreds for the past few years, A deserves to have a nice, easy to ride boy that will do what he is asked to do.  His calm nature and willing attitude will go a long way towards building her confidence and allowing her to move forward in her riding. 

I hope they will be happy together for many long years – developing the kind of perfect partnership I know is possible between a woman and her horse.  I am just sorry I am not going to be around to see it blossom.  Moving sucks.


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