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Why men are difficult…

Posted by mandyhuckins on May 26, 2009

Here is an example of why I think men (read: my husband) are so difficult. 

Like many of you, we have a large, flat-screened television.  When we (read: my husband) were contemplating purchasing such a huge piece of electronics last year, we (read: me) pondered where in the world this monstrositylovely piece of technology would sit.  We have an armoire for our older, much smaller television.  It has doors that close so that you can close away the TV when you aren’t watching it.  It has shelves in the bottom for the various accouterments of television watching: DVD player, amplifier, cable box.  All of the electrical cords connecting these various things are hidden behind this armoire.  But, alas, this armoire was way too small to hold our new television.  This was such a big problem, that it kept us from buying the new TV while we still lived in Germany.  But, when we moved to our new house in Alabama, we had an extra bedroom and decided to turn it into the “Man Room.”  The old television in its armoire went into the living room and the new TV was placed on top of a dresser.  The components sit on a wicker shelf to the side.  The horrible mass of cords strings between them.  But, this is the Man Room and in the MR, anything goes.  I am not allowed to dictate design in there.  That is why there is a collection of horrid Norwegian Trolls on a shelf.  It is also why sports banners hang on the wall instead of art. 

We are getting ready to move again – this time, into a much smaller house.  We will no longer have a Man Room.  The big television will have to go in the living/family room and the trolls and sports banners will have to remain in boxes.  So, the problem of how to appropriately display this television has reared its head again.  I will not have this in my living room (and truthfully, my husband doesn’t either):


For some reason, I really hate the things that are designed to hold these televisions.  They are too low (in my opinion) and they look like TV stands.  They aren’t versatile at all.  And, with all of the moving we have to do in the military, versatile should be our middle name.  I have always wanted to buy some type of sideboard/buffet/credenza that could be used as a television stand.  But, it would have character and be a nice addition to our home.  It would be something that could be used in a kitchen/dining room/foyer/bedroom/hallway if we ever move to a house that has a built in place for a big screen TV (also, not my favorite).  This piece of furniture needs to be wide enough to hold the TV comfortably and deep enough to hold the components inside.  So, it needs to have doors on the front, not drawers.  Well,  I have been looking and this is apparently a difficult thing to find.

I would love to have this lovely lift cabinet, but it costs over $2K and I hoped to find something for less than half of that.

Maybe something like this:

Or this:


They are all over the Internet, but I think it falls into the “you see them everywhere until you need one” category.

The other day, during a discussion about our new house, my husband announced that when we arrive in Wichita, he is going to buy a television stand.  Yikes!  This sent me into a frenzy of shopping.  We went to the Montgomery Antique Mall (where I could swear I found the perfect thing a few weeks ago, but of course it had been sold).  Then, I went by myself to two other antique places and several other stores that have nice wooden furniture that isn’t old, but is made to look like it is.  I found two items that weren’t exactly what I had in mind, but would work for the purpose and that I would happily have in my house.  I came home to show him the pictures I had taken of these pieces on my cell phone.  (I would show them to you here, but I don’t have a way to connect my cell phone to the computer to download the pics.) 

He barely even glanced at them before he said, “I don’t know why you are out looking at furniture right now.  We are getting ready to move.”  What?!?  As if we haven’t had multiple conversations about this subject.  Men are so frustrating.

I was tired from going from store to store, irritated that it was so hard to find what I was looking for, developing a sore throat – so, in other words, I might not have reacted well to this. 

Of course, he didn’t understand why I was upset about it. 

His argument: we should wait until we get to Wichita and see how much the move costs (it always costs more than you think it will) before we commit funds to new furniture; we should just buy something temporary (i.e. the stupid TV stand) because we will only be in this house for two years and then you never know; we shouldn’t buy something that just has to be moved right away

My argument: we shouldn’t waste a few hundred dollars on something temporary that I hate, we should spend a little more to get something we really like and that can be used elsewhere in the house if we need to in the future; true, we don’t know how much it will cost to complete the move to Wichita or what else we will need to buy for the house when we get there, but that doesn’t change the fact that we will still need to put this tv somewhere; we might as well buy it here and have it moved because then, when we are unpacking, we will already have a place to put the TV and all of the other components, plus, here we have friends with trucks who can help us to get this to our house in time to move

Right now, it is a stalemate.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.


2 Responses to “Why men are difficult…”

  1. Lori said

    Solving the intricate difficulties of man? Not so much…suggestions on the stand? Here’s mine…We have a big tv like that as well…we bought a stand that actually I like because it is a nice piece of furniture and not some gawky thing. But if you have your mind set on a credenza or something along those lines, and you find it, by ALL MEANS, buy it…don’t waste money on something temporary! Even if it is just a couple of hundred of bucks, that’s big money! Are you guys DITY moving?

  2. Shannon said

    Being in the military certainly poses it’s share of challenges…this being one of the big ones. This is why I STILL do not have a china hutch…where would we put it in the next house? But of course, this year we got the big monster TV, and somehow found a place for that. Hmmm. While I understand Colin’s side…don’t buy anything now, it’s one less thing to get damaged in the move, helps to keep you under your weight allotment, wait until you see where you’re going to put it and thus how big of a piece of furniture you can get…I’m an instant-gratification, type-A, OCD kind of girl, and I have NO patience. I don’t want to wait if I don’t have to. I’ll just spend time worrying about it, when I could be worrying about everything else. So, I’m with you on this…if you find what you like now, spend the extra bucks and send it on it’s merry way to KS with the rest of your life in boxes. It’s better to buy good once than crap twice…

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