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A yard sale with benefits…

Posted by mandyhuckins on May 24, 2009

Rain was forecast all weekend – so, not the best time for yard-saleing.  However, a local church was having an indoor yard sale – with the proceeds to benefit missions.  I ask you, what can be better than great deals for oneself while at the same time benefiting others?  I set out early this morning quivering with delight at the thought of treasures to be discovered.  I was vaguely disappointed in the selection, but managed to come away with a few finds nonetheless.


I found this little pheasant salt or pepper shaker (I am sure once part of a set).  I thought it might look cute as a part of a fall/Thanksgiving themed table.  Plus, my husband likes pheasants – well, he likes to kill them and eat them.  I have never eaten a pheasant, and anyway, I prefer the porcelain kind.  I paid $2.00 total for this little guy, a canning jar  for my grandmother-in-law and the framed picture below.


This olive picture will work perfectly in my Tuscany themed bathroom.  I even have an olive oil soap/lotion dispenser set that looks as if they were made to go with this picture.  It is in such good shape that I don’t even have to do any work to it to start using it.

As  I was checking out, I saw this old metal flower frog sitting up by the register.  I asked if anyone had already claimed it – the kind lady said she didn’t think so and went ahead and sold it to me for $2.


And, finally, on my way out the door – this little lamp caught my eye.  As I have been reading about the benefits of lamplight vs. overhead lighting in beautifying a home,  I have been on the lookout for little lamps that can go in unexpected places (i.e. the bathroom, the kitchen counter, even a bookshelf).  Please visit the Nester’s blog for more information on lamps and how to use them.  I also watched a little video tutorial online today ( and am inspired to look around my house to see what I might have to use – or to keep my eyes open for lamp worthy items at future yard sales.  It came with the cheesy looking green shade, but I think using one of the left over black and gold chandelier shades I found last week (10 for $3.00) will give it a sleeker more modern look.  I am even contemplating spray painting the whole thing – maybe flat black.


One of the things I am scouting for as I hit these sales is an old style Belgian waffle maker.  My mom makes delicious waffles for our family whenever we get together and I want to be able to do the same thing.  However, the cheap version I bought at Target just doesn’t work well.  I noticed one of you bloggers out there found one at a thrift store – I am so jealous.  So, imagine my excitement when I saw one peeping out of a box full of junk.  I ran over and grabbed it up, but it was not the deeper-welled Belgian waffle style – and I decided to put it back and wait for the right one to come along.  I have faith!

This sale also had something else that I really want – cardboard shoe holders.  I bought some of these years and years ago (like maybe 10+) to hold shoes and they have been doing their duty ever since.  If you want to see what I am talking about, look at this postwhen I re-organized my closet.  There were two of these (in green, no less!) but they already had someone’s name on them.  Drat!  It gives me hope though that I might be able to find some more – I have looked for them new everywhere, but apparently, they are no longer being produced.

On Friday morning, I stopped in at a small garage sale on my way to the stable and found this:


It is one of those plastic jewelry holders with clear pockets that fastens onto a hanger and lets you see all of your jewelry at a glance.  I really need one of these and have been wanting one ever since my friend Becky mentioned it to me last year.  Now I need to find another one that I can send to her!  For $1!  I am not going to tackle this project until after our move in June – no need to get all the jewelry out of boxes and organized only to have to put it back in boxes in a week.  So, stay tuned. 

I am getting rather excited about the challenge of fixing up my new house.  And, it will be a challenge as we will be living in the rather old-fashioned and unexciting government housing.  So, stay tuned for before and after pictures to come in June.

And to get some really great ideas about what you might be able to turn from trash into treasure, please check out the blogs listed on Southern Hospitality

 SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy


13 Responses to “A yard sale with benefits…”

  1. The picture is great — I love getting art at yard sales. It is SO much more affordable to do it that way, then to pay full price! 🙂 It’s a total score when it matches your decor perfectly.

    And, I think you’re right about the shade — that black lampshade will transform that lamp very nicely.

  2. Mandy, you got some good things this week too. Thanks for playing!

  3. cindy said

    When I saw that pheasant shaker, I thought, “that would go in my fall time decoration container”!

  4. Toni said

    Birds must be popular, Rhoda picked up a cute one, so did you and I picked up a couple myself. I agree with the black shade, it will look very nice with the new lamp. I made an outdoor lamp once out of an old watering can, it turned out ok, but I sure could have used the tutorial link you shared 🙂

  5. Christina said

    Wow, some great finds. I love the peasant. I probably prefer the porcelain kind too. ; ) What a great pineapple lamp. The black shade will look perfect. Love little lamps here and there. They add such warmth to a space.

  6. Linda said

    Good finds – especially that picture! Linda

  7. Jessica said

    That pheasant shaker IS adorable!! Good find 🙂
    That is a cute lamp too! It’ll look great painted black – have fun decorating your new place!

  8. KarenB said

    I think the little pheasant would be great in your Fall decorations. I’m particularly partial to the flower frog. But, I collect them. I think you got some great deals. Thanks for sharing!

  9. mary said

    The bird and the frog would have gone home with me too! The jewerly bag is certainly useful and isn’t it nice when you find something that works out with your decor.
    Hoping you keep your yardsale mojo and find the waffle maker!

  10. Jackie said

    I love all of your thrifty finds! Good luck on your move and finding the right waffle maker SOON!

  11. beckyray said

    I bought two jewelry holders like that at Garden Ridge last year, but I know I paid way more than $1 each for them! Good find.

  12. […] A yard sale with benefits… Rain was forecast all weekend – so, not the best time for yard-saleing.  However, a local church was having an […] […]

  13. 1rosemanynames said

    Really cool. I love the flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. It is not only finding things for next to nothing but adding to the things we love as someone else once did.

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