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Freshly baked bread…

Posted by mandyhuckins on May 22, 2009

There is nothing better.  Last weekend, I purchased my first bread machine at a yard sale for $15.  I read all of the instructions and was a little nervous because the booklet stressed over and over again how important exact measuring is to creating a perfect loaf.  This is why I don’t bake…for some reason, I am not good at measuring.  I like to eye-ball it and throw things in.  Well, I am happy to report that I successfully created this lovely loaf of french bread:


It was crusty on the oustide and soft on the inside:


It was delicious!  But, even better was the wonderful smell of bread baking that permeated my house all morning. 

I had better keep using it – because so far, that loaf of bread cost about $20!


One Response to “Freshly baked bread…”

  1. Jenny said

    Looks yummy!! I love my bread machine, but it’s been collecting dust for a while now. I need to put it back in action. There is nothing better than the smell (and taste) of homemade bread!

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