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Flea Market Finds…

Posted by mandyhuckins on May 4, 2009

Inspired by Rhoda’s weekly challenge at Southern Hospitality  SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy I went out “thrifting” again on Saturday morning early.  I hit a few yard sales and didn’t find anything, but I was able to pick up a few items at a flea market held in the parking lot of church.  Here is what I found:


This cute little topiary for $.75!  When I took it up to the church volunteer to pay for it, she said, “well, this is darling.  How did I overlook this?  I wish I would have picked it up.”  Too bad sister – it is mine!  Ha, ha, ha.  Doesn’t it look darling in this horsey grouping in my office? 


This picture frame was $.10. A dime people…I am not sure it is going to work out for the project I had in mind, but I am sure I can use it for something at that price.


This bag/purse was $2.00 and was the most “expensive” item of the day.  I think I will use it as a re-usable gift bag.  You know, you would pay more than $2 for a paper gift bag at Target.  I think someone will be thrilled to receive a gift from me in this cute bag.  (If it turns out to be you, and you are reading this, act surprised and charmed.)


I think this was the deal of the day.  This sage green and gold table runner with a fern print was $.50.  It looks great on my kitchen table and the color ties in perfectly with the framed spoon project I completed last week.


I didn’t come back with anything big or splashy, but for spending only $3.35 – I would call it a successful shopping trip.

After thrifting, I was still in a shopping mood, so I stopped in at a lovely store here in Montgomery called Southern Homes and Gardens.  I wanted to purchase a Hydrangea for my mom.


I also found this iron towel holder.  It was on sale for $11.95 from $19.95, so I grabbed it.  It is an example of something that I wouldn’t have known to look for.  But, I hate how kitchen hand towels have to hang on the handles of drawers and cabinets.  They are always getting in the way when you want to open or shut a cabinet and/or dropping onto the floor.  This solves the problem in a very cute way.  And, cute or seasonal towels can be more prominently displayed.  I think it needs a bow or something to dress it up…



I also found these wood colored Styrofoam eggs on sale for 50% off of $4.95.  I thought they were cute as is, but they also might be fun to paint next Easter.


After finishing at SH&G, I headed over to TJ Maxx.  Read about my success there in a separate post:

One Response to “Flea Market Finds…”

  1. Hey, Mandy! Thanks for stopping by again. I just love all your little finds. That topiary is great, I have a few little ones like that too. I just love to see what everyone finds every week. Even though we all have some different tastes, it just goes to show, there is something out there for everyone.

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