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A queen?…

Posted by mandyhuckins on May 4, 2009


My friend Lori (  nominated me for this award (she must have been really hard-up to think of seven people who wouldn’t kill her for sending it to them).  But, in the spirit of “it is nice just to be nominated” – I will play along.  The rules state  I have to list seven things that make me awe-summm.  Hmmm.  That is kind of tough…

1.) I am eternally usually upbeat.  My husband pointed this out to me the other day.  He said it is one of the things he loves about me (I think it also mystifies him).  And, you know what?  It got me thinking….it is kind of true.  Of course, sometimes I am sad – and I will have a cathartic cry while watching TV or a movie at the drop of a hat (the episode of S&TC when Miranda’s mom dies – Extreme Home Makeover (any episode) – Marley and Me (the book) – come on, if those don’t make you cry, you are a robot).  But, in general, I would say that I am naturally optimistic and happy.

2.) I am a giving person.  I love to give people things that they need, things that they want, things they don’t even know they want.  I love present buying opportunities and I try to put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect gift.  I love, love, love to sponsor  a family at Christmas time.  The thought that they are enjoying gifts they otherwise would not have makes me smile. 

3.) I take very good care of the animals with whom I have been entrusted.  I try to give Dancer (my horse) and Copper (my dog) happy, healthy and productive lives.  I have spent countless hours and I don’t want to know how many dollars making sure they have what they need (and more) in the way of food, shelter, medical care (! this is a BIG one!) and love, love, love, love.  They are both spoiled, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I believe that animals are given to us as special gifts from God, and the joy and pleasure they have both brought to enrich my life goes way beyond what I could ever do for either of them.  Did I mention that I LOVE them?

4.) I am good at shopping.  (please note: my husband, although to my knowledge doesn’t read this blog, would vehemently disagree that this is something awe-summm.)  What I mean here is that I can find the “right” thing, and I can usually find it on-sale.  I do believe in retail therapy – there is nothing else quite like it.  It has also been my very great pleasure to assist some non-shopping friends from time to time.  It is just as much fun to shop for someone else as it is to shop for myself (maybe even more so because I am spending their money!).  But, when we find just what they were looking for at a price they like – they are thrilled and so am I. 

5.) I am outgoing and friendly (most of the time).  This really helps with #6 below.  It also really helps my husband, who is not.  I think I inherited this trait from my dad, who never finds himself among strangers.  One of his favorite stories about me as a little girl is that I would see other children at the playground and say, “there are some kids Dad, let’s go meet them.” 

6.) I am able to pick up my life and move it to a new location every few years.  I am a military spouse, and I think that all military spouses out there deserve HUGE props for surviving this constant upheaval and turmoil (and sometimes even thriving on the challenge).  There are many out there who do this so much more graciously than I.  I must admit that I need to work on the gracious part – I always make it work in the end, but sometimes I am hissing and spitting while I do it.

Ok, for the seventh, I am drawing a blank….anyone out there who knows me want to make a suggestion in the comments?


One Response to “A queen?…”

  1. Shannon said

    For me, your number seven would be that you’re a hard worker. You stay at home, in your office, and do your job. You rarely “skip out” on it to do something more fun. You are always working hard to become a better horsewoman and more effective rider (something I think all horsey people should do). You work hard at making sure that guests in your home are comfortable and provided for, and you are always the most gracious hostess. These are some of the things I’ve observed about you…and admire you for them. 🙂

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