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Weekend project…

Posted by mandyhuckins on April 27, 2009

This weekend was very productive for me.  (Please see my other posts on going to the flea market, creating framed spoon art work for my kitchen, and a photo shoot on Saturday afternoon of my horse, Dancer.)  But, I have one more project to report.  Yesterday, it was my goal to clean out and organize my closet.   I have a huge closet in this house and it had really gotten out of hand.  This would have a lot more impact if I had some before pictures to show you, but I was too embarrassed.  Take my word for it – it was a mess! 

I started by pulling out anything that no longer fit, I n0 longer liked or just simply hadn’t worn in over a year and put that in a donate pile.  Next, I pulled out all of the real winter clothes, folded them and put them into storage bins.  Next, I organized into categories and folded all of my riding clothes and stacked them up on a top shelf of the closet.  Purses were organized on another side.  Finally, I attacked my shoes.  I used to hold on to all of my shoe boxes, but the shoe collection had grown so large (I might have a fetish) that I could no longer really remember what I had in all those boxes.  So I decided to ditch them and organize the shoes in a different way.  For years, I have had a few of these cardboard shoe organizers, but when I went out looking for more yesterday, I couldn’t find anything like them.  So, I had to come home and double the shoes in each cubbyhole.  I actually think it looks better this way and doesn’t take up nearly as much space as extra shoe containers would.  I tried to organize them by color so that they would be aesthetically pleasing – and I think they are.  I love shoes!  How many is too many, do you think?  I must admit that in addition to all of these, I also have a whole bucket full of flip-flops.  I just purchased the bucket at Target a few weeks ago and I love, love, love the color.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with (a potted plant? full of ice and drinks for an outdoor party?), but I was thrilled to think about incorporating it into the closet so that I can see it and use it every day. 

If this were our forever home (or if we would be living her for longer than another six weeks or so) I would want to paint the walls, add a cool light fixture (the ceilings are really high) and add a full length mirror.  Good ideas to file away for future use.





I also took the opportunity to clear off the top of my dresser.  It had been cluttered by having my large jewelry box on top (which I moved into the closet).  I hung the tassle I purchased a few weeks ago at the Montgomery Antique Mall over the corner of the mirror.  I had tried this tassle in several different locations in the room, but I definitely like it best here. 



I picked up some fresh tulips from Costco and used some of them on the dresser and the bulk of them here in the living room in a hand-painted sangria pitcher I got on a trip to Spain.  Fresh flowers really do liven up a room.



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