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Some flea market fun…

Posted by mandyhuckins on April 27, 2009

On Saturday morning, I went to the Eastbrook Antique Mall’s flea market.  This event had been heavily advertised in the local area on the radio and on television.  After reading lots of wonderful blogs such as 

    ( and

    ( and


which talk about home decorating and finding things you can re-do and re-use at yard sales and flea markets, I was totally looking forward to going.  It was a little disappointing, but I still managed to find a few treasures. 

Also, Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality has decided to do a SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy party each Monday where bloggers can connect to her site and everyone can show off the treasures found during a weekend treasure hunt.  So, if you are into that sort of thing click on over there to see what everyone else was up to this weekend.

In one book stall, I was able to purchase some really nice hardback books for$2 each!  Didn’t take any pictures of those, but how can you beat that price for hours and hours of entertainment.

The next thing I found is this beat up valet/suit stand.  We have looked at these before, because sometimes my husband will wear his uniform twice before it has to go to the cleaner, so it is often draped over a chair in preparation for the next day.  But, they can be kind of expensive.  This one was $3!  A little sanding and some brown spray paint and it should be ready for use at under $10.  Unbelievable.



Inside the antique mall itself, I found a plastic ziploc bag with six place settings of this green handled silverware.


What a lovely little tablescape these will make for a small dinner party, don’t you think?  I paid $9.99 for all six place settings.

Finally, I found this cute little green bubble glass creamer.  It was $12 – a little pricey perhaps – but I loved it and when I found a little flower frog that fit perfectly inside, I couldn’t resist.  This is going to make the cutest little flower arrangement.



I’ll give you three tries to guess my favorite color….

It was a very fun way to spend a Saturday morning.


12 Responses to “Some flea market fun…”

  1. Niki said

    Great finds!


  2. Vanessa said

    GREEN! 🙂

  3. Mandy, aren’t you adorable! Thanks for the big hoopla over my blog (I’m in good company with those 2) and for playing along with the party. I’m so glad you got inspired to try the flea markets & yardsales. Get out there more, there are bargains to be found! So nice to meet you, I’m guessing you are down near Layla & Montgomery? I’ve got a couple friends down that way now from blogging & they are great ladies. Love Layla, she’s a doll.

    • mandyhuckins said


      I adore you! You deserve any “hoopla” anyone cares to give you. I am down in Montgomery, but sadly, not for too much longer. My husband is in the military, so we are off to Wichita, Kansas in June. I wouldn’t choose to leave Montgomery (in fact, I could by that sweet, sweet house Layla posted a while back and live here forever!), but that is not to be. The good thing is that with the ease of the internet, you can stay connected no matter where you live.

      Thank you so much for inspiring me and giving all of us access to your wonderful ideas and beautifully decorated home.


  4. Lori said

    Good scouting! Love the bubble glass pitcher, and I don’t think 12 was too pricey.

    As for shoes, well…friend, let me just tell you that I’d have to take several pictures for all mine to be shown. And yes, they are not only color coordinated, but by style (pump, sandal, casual, etc.)

    There’s never enough…really.

  5. Toni said

    What great finds…I love, love, love the green handled silverware!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the tablescape when you use them.

  6. I see a green tablescape in your future! Love the bubble glass, hard to resist!

  7. Wow, you found some great things! 🙂

  8. The Nester said

    What great company i’m in –thanks!

    looks like you did have a good day at the sale!

  9. Solid site=D i will come back,,

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