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Framed spoons….

Posted by mandyhuckins on April 27, 2009

One night while reading blogs, I discovered this delightful idea to frame a piece of silverware over at “The Nesting Place” :

Three silver spoons I found last year on e-Bay engraved with our last name came to mind.  I thought these were so cool when I found them (apparently, there was an old hotel in Oklahoma or something with our last name – just goes to show that it does pay to eBay yourself sometimes).  I wasn’t sure what I would do with them and they have been sitting in a drawer gathering tarnish ever since.  When I saw the Nester’s great idea, I knew that would be an excellent way to display my treasures.

I wanted oval frames like she used, and in fact, that it what I bought at first, but 5x7s were too small for the long iced-tea spoons and 8x10s were too huge for the project in general.  So, I compromised and bought 8×10 rectangular frames with oval mattes.  The first time I tried to glue the scrap book paper to the glass underneath, you could see the glue lines.  But, I think I figured it out and now they are hanging in my kitchen.  I used textured sage green scrap book paper in the middle frame and then a sage and cream patterned paper on the other two.  I think the paper cost .59 or .79 a sheet, a roll of ribbon for $1.98 (with some left over to use elsewhere) the frames were on sale at Michael’s for $3.50 each and the mattes were also on sale for $1.98 each.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember how much I paid for the spoons themselves, but for under $20, I created a unique way to display them.  Thanks so much to the Nester for her original idea!  Check out her blog for more great decorating ideas.




One Response to “Framed spoons….”

  1. I just posted my framed fork 🙂

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