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My Saturday…

Posted by mandyhuckins on April 19, 2009

Saturday morning dawned bright and early.  I was at the stables around 8:00 am and helped my friends with the morning feeding and turnout.  Then, I groomed Dancer and worked on her mane.  She HATES to have it pulled, so I have to resort to cutting.  It doesn’t give quite the same results, but if I am careful, I can make it look a bit more natural.  I got her tacked up and at 10:00 I gave a balance lesson on the lunge to a lovely young rider.  Dancer was very well behaved, but because she is such a big mover, I am afraid the rider is going to be sore in the morning.  After the lesson, I hopped on and rode her for about 30 minutes.  She wasn’t as silly about cantering, but she was very, very strong – not nearly as balanced and slow as she has been.  So, I either get strong and pulling, or slow, light and crazy.  I really need the lesson with Emma!

The barn group decided to go to Five Guys Burgers & Fries for lunch.  (We eat there quite a bit.)  It is interesting when we invade wearing various articles of horse clothing – all dirty and smelly.  I am surprised the owners haven’t asked us not to visit their establishment in this attire, but then again, we probably are their best customers, so maybe that is why they put up with it.  I felt like I was really getting a lot of looks – I was wearing my Kerrits Sit-Tights.  They are pretty flattering pants, in general, and I was the cleanest of the bunch (except for one of the mothers who had not been riding).  Here is a picture of the back of them (mine are a lighter tan color):


After lunch, one woman did come up to me and tell me that she liked my pants.  So, maybe that was it – maybe everyone just liked them and thought they were a new fashion trend!

I came home, changed into shorts and a tank top and got started on one of my least favorite chores of all time: washing the car.  But, my poor car really, really needed to be washed and I promised my hubby that I would do it this weekend.  He is a self proclaimed car washing expert.  I got started and after I had been scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing for about 40 minutes, he came outside to help.  The first thing he said was, “you are still one the first wash?”  {Timeout: 1) a few days ago, my car had been covered in a mist of some type of spray some workers were using on a fence a few houses down – so it really required a lot of elbow grease to get all of that off the paint and windows, 2) “first wash” refers to the plan hubby had outlined for my car wash – first wash with dish washing liquid, next wash with clay bar, third wash with car wash soap, hand dry with towels, apply 2 coats of wax}  The next thing he did was to get a sponge and act like he was going to start washing the car on the side I had already done!  I said, “what are you doing?!?  I already finished that side.”  Hubby (looking sheepish) replied, “oh, sorry, maybe that is just the way your car looks.”  Me: “you better watch it buddy.  I am about to kick you in the nads.”  You don’t need the whole car wash litany – in fact, hubby stepped up and did most of it – the end result, 3 hours later, was a very shiny car.  It allowed me to apply my Charleston Southern sticker (purchased almost a year ago, but never applied because the car was never clean enough – I told you it needed to be washed!)


I love it! 

Next, I showered and got dressed and headed over to the Montgomery Antique Mall.  I have always wanted to check it out, but some a blog posts I read recently about finding treasures really lit my fire.  It was wonderful!  I found some furniture I want: a sleigh bed, a curved-front sideboard for use as a TV holder and an adorable, adorable desk painted in a French style – cream and green.  So cute!  I had a ball walking around and around (you have to make at least two laps).  I bought this:


Isn’t that adorable?  I am considering it a belated Easter present to myself.  And, I thought I might just put it out around Easter, but the more I see it, the more I love it and I am probably going to have to find a permanent place for it.  We saw paintings just like this at the flea market in Tongeren, Belgium and I always wanted to buy one, but we always ran out of money, so I never did.  I was so happy to find this.  I also bought a tie-back tassel in brown and aqua that will look great in my bedroom (exact use to be determined). 

We finished the day by hitting the all-you-can-eat buffett at the casino in Shorter, Alabama with some friends.  Fun company and a few too many crablegs make for a good night.

All in all, it was a good day.


2 Responses to “My Saturday…”

  1. Lori said

    Oh, have John and I been down the same carwash road, friend. At this point, I don’t care and I think he has given up on me. My car is 9 years old, has 180K miles on it, and I think, deserves a little “hang loose” time, if you will. Besides….HE was the one who wanted a BLACK car. I wanted silver. I would have HAD silver if HE didn’t make me sign the papers for a BLACK car when I was barely conscious after sinus surgery. I still have the orginal papers we signed and there is BLOOD from my surgery! So, I’ve always had the excuse of if he wanted me to have a clean car, he should have bought the silver one like I wanted. Fair, right?

    • mandyhuckins said

      Lori, you are too funny! You are so right about the car color – my hubby always wants black or white – the two WORST colors to keep clean. He even goes so far as to quote statistics to me about how silver cars are involved in more accidents because the color blends into the road. Ha!

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