Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

Days Six and Seven…

Posted by mandyhuckins on April 5, 2009

Unfortunately, the weather in Montgomery wasn’t very cooperative on Thursday or Friday morning. And, the girls had decided to curtail their shopping in Montgomery to conserve some funds for Chicago and the mecca of shopping – the outlets in Myrtle Beach. So, I was worried about what they would do all day…they managed to entertain themselves with the computer, with the Nintendo DS and wit Guitar Hero on Playstation. Thank goodness I have a husband with electronic goodies. I am terrified of what their parents will think when they go back to Germany and they didn’t do anything except spend money and play games.

We went out to lunch to pass some time both days – Thursday was a local BBQ establishment and on Friday we had Mexican. Both seemed to be popular choices – but, BBQ won the German teenaged award for Best Meal. Thursday night I made pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy – one of my husband’s favorites. They are such sweet girls and were sure to praise my cooking whether they liked it or not.

On Friday afternoon, the weather improved greatly and I decided to get in a ride -my only one all week. Svenja asked to come with me and I was happy to have a partner. This was only her second time on a horse and she really shows a natural apptitude for it. It makes me wonder….are all Germans just born to be riders? So unfair! Sure, she demonstrated some of the typical “beginner” things – like holding her hands too high and really being dependent on the reins for stopping and steering, but overall, she had lovely posture and excellent balance. After about 40 minutes of ring work, we went for a walk down the road. Both horses were lovely – no spooking or weird behavior of any kind. When we got back to the stable, we put Bayla in her stall and Svenja had a try on Dancer so that she could feel what it was like to ride a real German horse. Dancer’s stride is so huge (especially compared to a nice little Quarter Horse) that Svenja preferred not to trot – but she did have fun walking her through a little obstacle course. Dancer was a saint.

I did have my video camera and I tried to have Svenja take a video of me riding Dancer – I really would like to see the difference in how she looks now with me riding her in this new way compared to how she used to look. Unfortunately, at the moment the video was on, Dancer was acting silly and scared of things, so it is not the best example. How do horses know when they are on camera? The feeling I had right before was so lovely, but as soon as we decided to video, it all fell apart. Hmmmm, maybe it is not the horse, maybe it is me. I am the one who knows the camera is on me. Better luck next time, I hope.

I am a bit concerned how everything will fit back into their suitcases and how all of their suitcases will fit in the car. I am sure we will manage.


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