Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

Day Five…

Posted by mandyhuckins on April 2, 2009

On Wednesday, the girls were able to visit a real American high school.  In order to make it work, principal had to be convinced that this could be an excellent learning opportunity for the students in Alabama.  The principal agreed and decided that the girls should spend their morning in the German class – talking a little bit about Germany and answering some questions from the students.  Here is why that was a bad idea:

1.) the questions from the students.  Rather than ask them about their lives in a different country, or what they like the most/least about America, they asked things like “what is your favorite color” – “what is your favorite English word” – “what is your favorite Disney character”.  WTF?!?

2.) the German teacher.  She couldn’t speak German.  She also told the class that Belgium was a part of Germany and had to be corrected.  Again, WTF?!?

3.) the behavior of the students.  One boy was lying on the floor under a table the entire time they were in class – sleeping!  Yes, America, sleeping.   Wonder why Alabama public schools get a bad rap?

How embarrassing!  Now, they can go back to their own school (which develops tri-linguists at the very least) and let them know that if teenagers are the future of America, then America is doomed.  Luckily, they left school at noon and went to have more culturally enlightening experiences at the mall.  Apparently, they had a blast.  I tried to talk to them about doing some cultural things while they are here so that when they return to Germany, they won’t have to tell their parents that all they did was shop and eat junk food, and they agreed that in Chicago I can take their picture in front of a museum!

We ordered a pizza for dinner and watched “Hitch.”  Boy, I am a good hostess, huh?

5 trips to the grocery store, 4 cases of soda, 3 loads of laundry, 1 backed up toilet


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