Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

Day two…

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 29, 2009

Today we had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a trip to Starbucks for coffee.  The girls chose frappucinos, and at first I was worried that they wouldn’t realize they were getting something cold.  They knew exactly what they were getting and they were very pleased with their choices. 

I had a lesson to teach this morning at 10:30, so they suited up in some of my riding pants (Elena brought her own) and we headed out to the stables.  Max the goat was a big hit – he fell in love with Julia and wanted to follow her everywhere.  We had a lot of fun laughing and teasing her about this.  I slopped out in the mud to catch Louie and they were kind enough to brush him and wash him for me while I was teaching my lesson.  That was quite a lot of work.  He was a mess.  And, that pretty much guarantees that if I ask them if they want to go back out to the stables again, they will most likely say, “no thank you!”  They also had brush their own mounts, Tiki and Bayla. 

After the lesson, I got all the horses tacked up (quite an undertaking – finding saddles, pads, girths, bridles and helmets for the girls) and took everyone out to the arena.   They rode for a bit in the ring getting used to things (Elena looked lovely riding Dancer – I wish I could have watcher her more) and then we went for a walk down the dirt road, through a bit of woods and meadows and then back home again.  It turned out to be a lovely, sunny afternoon.  Such luck.  What wasn’t lucky is that I ended up having to put Louie back in his stall and go on foot.  He was acting a little silly and the two girls who hadn’t ridden before were having trouble keeping their horses out of the grass and onto the road.  I thought it would be better if I could help catch them and lead their horses from time to time.  I didn’t really mind and I think it made them feel better.  There were a few times the horses would all spook, one of the girls would scream and it would take a moment to get everything settled back down and moving again.  I think by the end, I might have created a horsebackriding fan out of one of them.

We came home and had some lunch and watched “The Break Up” – which is fun because it was filmed in Chicago and we will be there in less than a week.  After resting, they were ready to go to the park and have a “run” with Colin which he promised to do.  They took Copper with them.  This should be interesting…

Tonight we are having dinner at the Japanese steakhouse and we have invited some friends with a teenaged daughter.  In fact, this daughter has agreed to take the girls to school with her one day this week.  I hope that works out because I know the girls really want to experience an American high school.  I hope they aren’t expecting “High School Musical,” which sounds silly, but in Europe they see so many American TV shows and movies that they really feel like they get a sense of what it is like to be here.  In some ways it is true…when they saw how many televisions we have in the house (4), they said, “oh it is just like on tv – you really do have a television in every room of your house.”  Hmmmm.  Also, I remember when we lived in Germany, one of our German friends had seen people using a stick to roast marshmallows over a fire.  So, when we were invited to a barbecue, we offered to bring things to make s’mores.  They all wanted to try them, but they really didn’t realize that marshmallows are just balls of sugar that come in a bag.  They thought maybe they were something that grew on a tree.  Too funny!  The girls also think our neighborhood is like “Wisteria Lane.”  Not quite…but the idea of a subdivision doesn’t really exist in Germany, so I do see what they mean.

It really is interesting to visit other countries and have people from other countries visit you.  It makes you look at what you have in a different way.


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