Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

Day One…

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 29, 2009

Last night, Elena, Svenja and Julia arrived from Germany.  My husband picked them up from the airport in Atlanta and unfortunately the arrived at our house before I finished vacuuming.  Whoops!  I “made” them some chocolate chip cookies (the American way, of course, which consists of plopping spoonfuls of pre-made dough onto a cookie sheet) and I think they found them delicious.  They brought me a Thomas Sabo charm necklace as a gift – it is really cute, a sterling silver high heeled shoe – and so, so nice of them. 

This morning I got up early so that hopefully I would be awake before them, but if not, they wouldn’t have to be awake forever waiting for us to get up.  I made some pancakes for breakfast using the Bellagem waffle mix from William Sonoma.  This is truly delicious – if you have not tried it – you should run right out and get some.  Don’t be afraid of the $9.50 price tag – they are worth every penny.  I think these were a success too.  After breakfast, the girls cycled through the bathroom and got ready for the day while I ran to the barn to take care of Dancer.  When I got back and got myself ready – they were ready too.  Then we headed out to get pedis, or pedis and manis or in one case just a mani.  They had never done this before, and having lived in Germany, I can confirm that America corners the market on little Asian run nail salons.  Yay America!  (Or maybe that should be yay Asia!)  Anyway, they loved it – from picking out the nail polish – to sitting in the massage chair – to trying on shoes at Target later with our beautified toes  (more on that in a minute).

Then, we went to Publix, which they have now dubbed a “paradise.”  How fun to watch them squeal over Cheetos and BBQ flavored chips the way I used to react at the German grocery store.  We came home and I lovingly prepared an all-American lunch – hotdogs, mac’n’cheese and potato chips.  If these girls don’t take home a little 10 lbs.+ souvenir, I will be surprised.  🙂  Lunch dessert – Ben & Jerry’s by special request.  Then we headed out to Target.  We did kill almost two hours there (very reminiscent of trips my sister and  I make to Target together), but unlike my sister and I, they did not each spend $100.  Then, we headed to TJMaxx where the squeals of delight really kicked up a notch in honor of Tommy Hilfiger flip-flops, Adidas work out clothes, and Roxy tshirts on the cheap.  These are girls after my own heart who can appreciate a good deal (see my description of shopping here  I can’t wait to get them to the outlets in Myrtle Beach.

Tonight we stayed in, grilled hamburgers and watched Twilighton Blu-Ray.  Just like American teenage girls (and my sister-in-law who is in her 30s), they knew every word of this movie, but were thrilled to watch it on our big screen.

So far, so good!


One Response to “Day One…”

  1. Lori said

    Sounds like so much fun! I watched Twilight yesterday as well…for the first time. I devoured the books, and though the movie was entertaining, still nothing is better than the book!

    They will LOVE the outlets in MB!

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