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A rough night and an even rougher morning…

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 27, 2009

The rain eased off around mid-day yesterday and I was able to get out to the stable and teach one of my adorable little beginning riders.  The arena was very wet (of course) and because it is sand, the footing was very iffy.  Poor girl – she basically had about a 20 meter circle around me in which to ride and I told her there would be no cantering.  She dutifully rode without her stirrups at the sitting trot and then practiced posting with her stirrups, but without holding on to the reins (obviously, I had her on the lunge line at this point.)  Do you know she posted on the correct diagonal every time?  She doesn’t even know she is doing it…could that be extraordinarily good natural feel or is she just the luckiest kid on earth? 

I decided not to ride Dancer in that really sloppy footing and besides, I needed to come home and prepare for the Deutschland Invasion.  What is that, you ask?  I have three German teenage girls coming to visit for two weeks.  One is the daughter of my riding instructor in Germany and the other two are her friends, whom I have never met.  They are very nice girls and I am really happy to be able to extend some American/Southern hospitality as the Germans did for us when we were in their country, but I am worried that I won’t know what to do with them while they are here.  I enjoy living in Alabama, but I admit that it might not be the most exciting place to come on a vacation and/or the best representive of America as a whole.  So, I have worked out a travel plan.  The girls arrive today and we will spend the first week here in Montgomery.  I think I can keep them entertained with American television and junk food for at least a few days – throw in a few trips to the mall, a day spent at a local high school with the daughter of a friend of mine, maybe a trip or two to the stables and hopefully, Saturday will be here before I know it.

On Saturday, we will drive to Atlanta and then fly to Chicago.  As fortune would have it, my sister and her husband will be out of the country visiting his sister in England.  They have graciously agreed to let me bring the girls to stay in their apartment during their absence.  (Sad that I won’t see my sister, but then there really wouldn’t be room for us all.) So, Saturday through Wednesday, we will be enjoying the fruits of the big city.  Then, on Wednesday, we fly back to Atlanta and get in the car to drive to my parent’s house in Myrtle Beach.  Myrtle Beach is always a good time and my parent’s have a pool in their neighborhood and live about 10 mintues from the ocean.  On Sunday, Easter, I drive them back to Atlanta to catch their flight back to Germany and return to Montgomery.  Hopefully a good time will be had by all (I know I will be exhausted by then!).

So, last night, we had to try to make our guest room accomodate three.  We pushed the bed to the side of the room, added an airmattress set up and removed the bedside table, a wardrobe and another wooden cabinet.  Hopefully, this will give them some room to put their suitcases in there.  But, if they each bring two (which is what they are allowed on an overseas flight) it is not going to work.  Poor them – I think about how hard it is to sleep when you have jet lag and I just imagine being crammed three to a room like sardines.  Welcome to America!  It certainly isn’t going to get any better when we get to Chicago and one of us has to sleep on the living room couch (probably me).  I also had hubby install a new shower head in the guest bathroom.  When my sister came to visit a few weeks ago, she said that the water pressure was so intense, she thought it was going to strip the skin off.  Here is a photo of what the guest room looks like:


They are going to have to be little acrobats to wind their way through what is sure to be the suitcase obstacle course and climb into bed.

We fell into bed around 11:30 only to be awakened sometime around 3:00 am with violent thunderstorms and a terrified dog.  Copper always has and always will be afraid of loud noises.  Thunderstorms and firworks and shotguns top the list of things she is afraid of (with champagne corks and people popping chewing gum coming in close seconds).  So, she was running around, trembling and crying.  She also likes to jump up and put her feet on Colin’s side of the bed, shaking the matress with her trembling and then run around and do the same thing on my side.  Nothing we do can comfort her.  So, not a lot of sleeping going on in the early  morning hours and I am not the kind of girl who does well without my sleep.  I was also laying there worrying about Dancer.  Because it looked pretty clear when I left the barn, I had them go ahead and put her outside in the pasture.  I was terrified thinking of her being struck by lightening or galloping around in the dark with debris flying all around.

So, when I did get up and get out to the stables this morning, she was soaking wet, covered in leaves and dirt and pretty hyped up.  I rinsed her off as thoroughly but as quickly as I could, seeming to get more water on me than on her.  What a mess.

Luckily, my sweet hubby has volunteered (well, I did ask him, but he said yes) to drive the 2 and a half hours to go pick up the girls.  This means that I can work a full day, go out to give Dancer her meds and have some time to finish getting the house ready for visitors.  I hope the weather doesn’t cause any problems with their flight.

Check back for more updates on how the visit goes!


2 Responses to “A rough night and an even rougher morning…”

  1. Lori said

    Poor Dancer…what a trooper! Hope you and the girls have a great time…Chicago, Myrtle Beach–they’ll love it! I’m jealous!

  2. chrissy said

    Mandy, I hadn’t realized you’d started blogging again! I need to put you in my Google Reader so I can stay up to date. I bet those girls are going to have an awesome vacation! Can I come visit you and do all of those things, too?

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