Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

I’m sore…

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 25, 2009

It is Wednesday morning and my muscles are still sore from Monday night’s ride.  Now, that is a good lesson!  I let Dancer have the day off yesterday, but I did ride Jack – a cute little red dun Quarter Horse that I am helping to retrain from western to english.  He did fine.  I also taught two lessons because it is supposed to start raining and everyone was scared they were going to miss out if they waited until Thursday.  Both lessons were very satisfying – a young student who only started riding two months ago (tops) is now trotting around all over the place with her hands in the correct position, on the correct diagonal.  She has made amazing progress and is shaping up to be quite an elegant little rider.  She is preparing for two horse shows in which she will ride in walk-trot and over trot poles.  I can’t wait to see how she does.  My adult dressage student also did very well last night.  She is able to put Tempo on the bit much earlier in the lesson so that we are able to ride circles, figure 8s and serpentines.  She has been working hard on her sitting trot (which is difficult on a short stepping, pogo-stick trotting thoroughbred) and she even did some on the lunge without her stirrups.  Hard – but totally worth it. 

I came  home and got stuck reading back-posts from a fellow horse blogger Dressage Mom.  I am completely addicted!  Here is the link if you like reading about horses (in particular about Dressage)  I have been reading her recent posts for several months now, but she has been blogging since 2006 – so I started from the beginning last night and am working my way forward. 

I would like to ride Dancer today to try some of the new techniques at home, but it is looking very cloudy and I know the rain is coming.  I am considering skipping out at lunch….if it isn’t raining already.


One Response to “I’m sore…”

  1. Lori said

    She left a very cute and kind message on my blog!! Unfortunately, I don’t know that I’d understand a lick of that talk y’all talk–you know, horse stuff. All I know about horses is that they don’t necessarily like it if you call them “Horsie”–and I thought that was like in the Horse Handbook of Alltime or something…

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