Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”


Posted by mandyhuckins on March 17, 2009

Confrontation is a tricky subject.  Generally, I think it is a good thing when a person is willing to stand up for himself, but it is all too easy to cross the line into bitch-ville.  What I think and what I do are sometimes two different things, and I would classify myself as a person who avoids direct confrontation.  It makes me nervous and sweaty.  On Saturday, we drove my husband’s pristine car to the local movie theater.  Let the record show that I did say in an incredulous voice when I walked out into the garage and saw him in his car, “you want to drive your car, not mine?!?”  When we came out of the movie theater (we saw The Last House on the Left – I hated it – more on that in another post probably),  my husband noticed a dent on the side of his car on the wheel well.  It was evident that the car parked crookedly in the space next two us had dinged our car when its occupant opened the door.

We returned to the theater lobby where a group of Montgomery’s finest (police officers) were standing in a huddle – supposedly creating a “presence.”  My husband politely asked if one of them would be able to come out in the parking lot to file a report that we could provide to our insurance company.  It was evident from the hemming and hawing that they clearly did not want to do this.  I know they are busy with important things to do, like defending innocent citizens against criminals and murderers and watching movies….what did I say?  Watching movies?  Yes…there were two of these uniformed patrons sitting right next to us in the theater.  So movies are ok, but writing up some paperwork for damaged property in the parking lot not ok.  At any rate, they did call for backup and then asked us to wait out front for the unit that would come to examine our car.

When we walked back out to our car, we were surprised to see a family approaching the offending car next to our car.  My husband walked right up to them, while I huddled under a jacket in the background.  He said in a very nice tone of voice, “excuse me, but I think you may have put a dent in my car.”  Well!  Imagine their surprise.  The mother of the family said, “What do you want me to do about it?”  Hubby suggested an exchange of insurance information and pulled out a pen and piece of paper from his coat pocket.  At which point, she very astutely noted that we “couldn’t prove she did it.”  My husband told her that all he knew is that his car did not have a dent on it anywhere.  We brought it to the movies, parked it here next to an empty spot, watched the movie, came outside and found their car, parked crookedly, next to ours and a dent in the side where it appeared their door would have opened.  So, he asked her to open her back door in order to see if the door matched the dent in our car, and she agreed to do this.  The door was opened and they both crouched down to examine.  In about one second, she popped back up exclaiming, “it doesn’t match!  It doesn’t match!  See, I told you.”  All of this was said in an attitude of glee and relief while looking back over her shoulder at her husband and gaggle of children.  My husband remained crouched, staring at the spot this whole time.  Did I mention I was huddled under a jacket in the background?  So, I could not see the evidence and was left waiting in suspense for his declaration.   What would he do?

He stood up, apologized for the inconvenience and thanked them for their time.  How gracious! 

When we got into our car and closed the doors, I burst out – “well, did it match or not?”  It did, but the door was just a hair above the dent.  So, if all of them had been sitting in the car (as they would have been when they pulled in and one of the children, excited to be at the movies, threw open his door) it would have hit in exactly the right spot.  The whole ride home, he kept exclaiming, “she knows she did it!  I hope she feels guilty…”  Oh, I doubt she feels guilty.  I think her conversation on the way home probably involved cursing us and laughing with relief.  “Can you believe it didn’t match? Ha, ha!”  It was obvious that they would not have had the money to repair our car, even if they had admitted to damaging it. 

I, for one, enjoyed the drama in the parking lot much more than the movie we paid $20 to watch.  I was so proud of my husband for standing up for himself and keeping a cool head under pressure. 

Car Dent


One Response to “Confrontation…”

  1. Lori said

    Well, I’m pretty impressed with him too…because I would have SO proven them wrong!!!

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