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A pony needs a home…

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 14, 2009

louie-faceThe farm where I keep Dancer is kind enough to take in rescue horses when the need arises.  When I first arrived, there were two little stallions in quarantine.  They were taken from a home where they had been injured and starving.  They looked like little skeletons.  They were nicknamed Huey and Louie.  Gradually, they grew round in the belly again (as ponies should be). When they were strong enough, they were gelded.  I offered to take one on as a project and so I began working with Louie. 

At first he was very nervous.  He did not know how to hold up his feet so that I could clean them.  He didn’t understand being brushed.  He had never been given a treat.  We began work in the round pen and he proved to be a quick learner.  I have been working with him for a little over 4 months now.  His ground manners have improved dramatically.  He has learned to trust people.  Just yesterday I gave him his first bath, trimmed up his whiskers and the shaggy fur around his ankles and under his chin, and a friend pulled his mane.  Through all of these strange and sometimes uncomfortable treatments, he stood kindly, patiently trusting me.  Although I have not been able to ride him as much as I would like or as much as he really deserves, he has progressed under saddle.  He walks and trots nicely.  For the most part, he also steers.  Usually, once things are explained to him, he is happy to comply.  I have even ridden him out on the trails at a walk, where he remained calm and proceeded on a loose rein once he was used to being off the farm.

Everyone was very excited at the barn when the grandfather of a little girl decided to adopt him.  Unfortunately, however, the family now finds that they are unable to continue to pay for his upkeep and need to sell him.  If they can not find a buyer for him, they are planning to take him to the auction (where he will likely go to the slaughter) or they may put him out in a “pasture” somewhere.  This might put him right back to where he was when we first found him.  This would break my heart! 

The barn owner has given his owner one month’s worth of board for free to give us the opportunity to try to find another buyer for him.  We are planning to take him with us to the dressage show next week to give him some exposure.   Of course, he probably won’t do very well at the show, as he is still too green to know much.  But, we are hoping that someone will see the kind heart and willing spirit that will make him a superb pony once his training is complete.

 So, if you know of anyone who is looking for a very nice pony, please let them know about Louie.  I believe his owners are asking $1,500 for him, but I am sure they would not refuse any offer.  I would love to buy him myself, continue his training and then sell him to the right little girl (a pony-clubber or 4-H’er) who could give him a loving home.  But, as I want to stay married 🙂 and as we are preparing to move in a few months, this is not the right time for us to be buying another horse.  louie-walking


2 Responses to “A pony needs a home…”

  1. Lori said

    Mandy, I know your boy will kill me for this, but that pony IS YOURS! YOU MUST HAVE IT! YOU MUST.

    Tell him not to hate me too long.

    • mandyhuckins said

      I KNOW! Poor pony….we are going to take him to the show and a really nice young lady at the barn is going to ride him. We decided to give him a show name of “The Lucky One.” Hopefully, that will be true!

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