Great Expectations

or “My Life in Blog Sounds Much Cooler Than It Really Is”

If shopping were a sport…

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 12, 2009

When I began this blog, I intended to write about my life.  While I was living in Europe, I assumed it would be mostly a travel log, cataloging the places I was lucky enough to visit.  But, since I was so busy traveling, I didn’t do much blogging and now my life is much more boring.  So, the sub-title of my site is hardly appropriate anymore.  It should say, “my life is exactly as boring as my blog makes it appear.”  But, I don’t think I am going to change it.  Readers will just get the idea I think.  Plus, trying to write something interesting about the mundane is a good exercise, right?

I also pictured myself posting a lot of Top Ten Lists (a la the “Top Ten Reasons I Love France” post).  These seemed fun.  So, I was thinking I could write about my Top Ten Favorite Pastimes.  Then, I realized that I only have three.  Well, ok maybe four, but the fourth is quite a stretch.  As you probably already know: I love to ride my horse, I love to read and if you actually know me, you know that I love to shop.  (The fourth is eating….I told you that was a stretch.)  I am a boring person!  Maybe I should change the category to “Top Three” instead of “Top Ten.” 

I really do love to shop.  It is completely foreign to me when one of my friends lets slip that they don’t like to shop (you know who you are!).  And, I really love it when I encounter a fellow shop-a-conis freak (you also know who you are!).  Sure, it can get out of control, and it isn’t always fiscally responsible; but it is so much fun.  It is like going on the hunt.  When you find exactly what you need,  you WIN!!!!  Sometimes it can be frustrating or challenging, but that is what makes the successes even sweeter.  I have been known to spend more than should be legal on the perfect pair of blue jeans (to avoid incriminating myself in the event my husband ever reads this, I am going to avoid naming specific sums), but in general, nothing is more fun than getting a deal.  Let me give you an example.  I love the brand BCBG, but they usually have one to many figures on their price tags.  On a recent trip to Dillard’s, my sister and I stumbled upon an unexpected sale.  You know the kind where clothes have already been marked down, but they are hanging on a rack with a sign promising to reduce the price again at the register.  I bought a very cute, ruffly, white, button-up, short-sleeved shirt for $35!  In case you are one of those people I know who does not know what BCBG is….the original pricetag on this shirt was $118.  Isn’t that crazy?  Now, did I really save $83 on this shirt?  Not really, because I never would have paid $118 for a white shirt (well….I might have….I wouldn’t have….I might have…..I wouldn’t have).

My mom, my sister and I have developed a theory about shopping.  The search begins with a strict list of criteria: the item must fit perfectly; it must be affordable; it has to be the right color, it has to be appropriate for the occasion; it must be easy to care for (for my mom, this means no dry cleaning, but my sister and I are more lenient); it has to be comfortable to wear.  Out of all of these criteria, which do you think is the first to go out the window?  Price!  In general, if all the other criteria have been met, we are willing to spend a little more than we planned.  My sister was especially adept at getting my mother to forget about the price criteria.  She was just so picky that at the end of a harrowing day, when my sister finally found “it” – my mom would have been willing to spend almost anything.

Combining things from my favorite pastimes list is nirvana, but at differing levels.  For instance, reading and eating often happen together.  But, that usually means I am eating alone and that is kind of sad.  (Although, reading and drinking wine is fun, even if you are alone.)  Eating can sometimes be combined with riding (like this past Sunday when we had a barbecue at the stables).  That is fun.  But, one of the best combinations is shopping for riding things.  Love it, LOVE it!  A friend and I took a trip to Atlanta where we spent the whole day going from tack shop to tack shop (four in all).  And, we went out to lunch.  So, that was really three favorite things in one day – heavenly!

If shopping were a sport, I would be a gold medalist.  If only I could find a way to make money shopping – then I could do it full time.


6 Responses to “If shopping were a sport…”

  1. Lori said

    I still, to this VERY DAY, smile and think of you when I pull out my charm bracelet and see my little “Charge It” charm for our love of shopping…I remember when we were all looking at the different charms–ladybugs, shopping charms, etc…and when it came to the cute shopping ones, you had to have the other one (NOT the Charge It” one because you said Colin would kill you!!!! I’m smiling and laughing thinking about that fun time right now!!!!

    I hear ya, girl…I hear ya.

  2. Jenny said

    Oh, reading this makes me smile to remember the few fun shopping trips we’ve had together. My favorite one was in SC when Paul was not there. We videotaped the “reveal” and you so gracefully displayed that lovely candle, trying to convince Paul that it was ok to let me burn it! I need to dig up that video and put it on youtube or something, lol! Love you and love shopping with you (& Lori!). 🙂

  3. Jennifer said

    Whenever we get together, I would love for you to help me pick out something. Whether it’s for the home (like curtains that we desperately need) or for me, I know that you would pick out the perfect thing. It’s just that my mom used to buy me everything! Not that I asked her to; she just enjoyed shopping for me, and, well, all her friends and family. Now I’m shopping handicapped and I think that if I buy something, it’ll either go out of style next week or if I had just waited a few more days or did my research, I could’ve gotten it cheaper. Seriously, help me buy a thing or two!

  4. Jennifer said

    Excuse me, I just read the end of this entry and you said that you came to Atlanta and went shopping. Hello! Please contact me next time.

    • mandyhuckins said

      You got it! I will…but, on that particular day trip, we were actually in Alpharetta and seriously, we did nothing but go from horse shop to horse shop (4 in all). For someone who doesn’t ride….torture! 🙂

  5. […] are girls after my own heart who can appreciate a good deal (see my description of shopping here  I can’t wait to get them to the outlets in Myrtle […]

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