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Canter much?

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 11, 2009

I couldn’t wait to get out to ride this evening.  Our weather is absolutely gorgeous and with the <gasp> show coming up in 11 days (!), I needed to get in some practice.  Today’s topic: canter, canter, canter.  Since Dancer and I have had a hit and miss riding schedule this winter, we really need to develop our stamina and improve this gait.  It can’t improve without spending some time doing it.  I don’t want her breaking back into the trot during our test at the show.    At first, she would break unexpectedly after a few circles, but I was persistent and we kept trying.  There were a few nice canters to the right, our better side, but to the left, she still feels unbalanced, stiff and HUGE.  She isn’t racing around like she would do in Germany, so I suppose that is progress, but she is such a big horse and to the left she can’t seem to keep herself together so she tends to string herself out a bit until I feel that each stride is covering a mile.  I did a little bit of trot to clear her mind and tried some trot to halt transitions.  She got pretty nice toward the end of the ride.  It is always nice to end on something decent. 

But, you want to know the most exciting thing about tonight’s ride?  She pooped while walking during our warm-up and then she pooped while trotting at the end of the walk!!!  I know it is crazy to be excited over poop, but with horses it is all about the bowel movement.  She has never really learned that she can move and use the bathroom at the same time.  This is an important thing to know.  You can’t just stop in the middle of a dressage test to take a dump. 

(Also, I never thought I would use “poop” as a blog post tag.)

(And, now one more thought before I close…how can the word “blog” not be in the spelling dictionary at wordpress?)


One Response to “Canter much?”

  1. Lori said

    Oh, I think you CAN take a dump in the middle of a dressage show…just look forward to it being on Youtube!!!!!!


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