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The Big Easy

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 8, 2009

Last month, the husband and I took a little weekend trip to New Orleans.  While living in Europe, we had been so used to traveling – I was always planning trips and we were always trying to decide where to go next.  We never wanted to “waste” a holiday weekend by staying at home.  Of course, back in the States, things are a little bit different.  Traveling is not the purpose of our existence – this year we have only been to visit family.  So, it was time to plan a little get-away.  New Orleans is within driving distance; it needs visitors to help it get back on its feet; and it is often compared to European cities – perfect!

The morning of our departure dawned full of promise – it was Valentine’s Day after all.  I woke up extra early so that I could run out to the stables, take care of Dancer and be back in time to get myself ready and packed well before the 9:00 time the hubby and I had decided upon for our departure.  It takes about 45 minutes to do this as fast as I can.  Back at the house, I showered and got myself ready.  I fed the dog.   By now, it was almost 8:00.  I got the hubby’s Valentine’s Day card, made him a cup of chai and went in to wake him up.  We exchanged Valentine’s, drank our tea and then I was back up, running around to unload the dishwasher, write a note for the guy who is watching the dog in our absence and finish getting ready.  I noticed that hubby was watching TV in bed.  So, I called out to him, “don’t you need to start getting ready?”  “Yeah.”  Slowly rises and shuffles to the kitchen.  “Do I have time to eat breakfast?” he asked.  “Sure,” I replied, “but, I was going to drive through the Chic’fil A on our way as a special treat.  Are you sure you don’t want that?”  No, he didn’t.  He is healthy and I am not. 

At 9:40 am, after packing my suitcase, backing a snack bag, loading the car, paying the husband’s last minute motorcycle insurance bill, letting the dog out, and then waiting around, I was sitting in the living room with hot tears of frustration brimming in my eyes.  Why is my husband so slow?  All a man has to do is get himself ready and pack his own suitcase.  And, let’s face it – it shouldn’t really take a man all that long to get ready.  There is no makeup, no hair drying, no styling involved.  Part of the reason it takes him so long is that we now have to travel like a miniature Circuit City.  The amount of electronics (and resulting power cords, USB adapters, cases, car plug ins, etc.) he “needs” to have with him at all times is truly astounding.  It takes him forever to collect all of these things.  Some are in his man room; some are in his car; some are in his briefcase.  But where are the “good” earphones that he likes?  The house must be turned over to find them.  It is exasperating to me.  But, finally, an hour late, we are on the road.

New Orleans was great!  We really did have a wonderful time, despite the fact that we are already turning into old, boring people.  It was mardi-gras season, but not the true mardi-gras after Fat Tuesday, so we were able to experience the vibe without things being too crazy.  We caught a few parades and an insane number of plastic beads.  Yes, we saw some boobs, but did not show any.  We walked along the French Quarter.  We saw some amazing street performers.  We visited an art museum.  We partied on Bourbon Street.  We listened to a jazz band.  And, of course, we ate….and ate….and ate.  Our stomachs are the true reason we go anywhere at all.  New Orleans is delicious! 

But, New Orleans is also worn down.  She is trying to patch over the damage and stand on her own two feet, fists clenched at her side, pretending nothing has happened, but the blow was too overwhelming.  Deep, ugly scars are everywhere.  I think it is important for people to visit.  Bringing tourist dollars back into the city is one way for us to help.  And, what an “easy” thing to give!


One Response to “The Big Easy”

  1. Lori said

    You crack me up! “Mini-Circuit City” travelling with you…hilarious. I must say, though, that I have to be on the side of your dear boy, as it is USUALLY me who is in his shoes, and each time I am, I feel justifiably so! I’m forever, “Wait! Where are my keys? Wait! Where’s my cell phone? Wait! I want to get that magazine! Wait! I need my gloves out of my other coat!” and the list can go on and on…I love you writing again, though!!! I can hear your words as I read them!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to Dancer!!! Loved the cake!

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