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Dancer’s Birthday

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 8, 2009

Ok, ok, I know that non-horsey people (and probably even horsey ones too) are going to think that this is absolutely crazy – today we had a birthday party at the barn for our horses.  Three of them had birthdays this week, so we all got together for a barbecue/potluck.  That isn’t too weird…but, we made them cakes and sang happy birthday to them.

Dancer, Jasper and Ranger enjoying their birthday treats

Dancer, Jasper and Ranger enjoying their birthday treats

Dancer's "Cake"

Dancer's "Cake"

My horse, an attention hog, loved it.  She turned nine on Friday.  It is hard to believe that she is nine.  I started riding her when she was five.  We have come a long way, but we have an even longer way to go.  (Please see my riding goals for this year in a previous post entitle “Back in the Saddle.” ) If you would have asked me when I first started riding her where we would be by her ninth birthday, I don’t know what I would have said.  “Chilling out in Alabama with a blind eye” probably would not have been the first thing out of my mouth. 

Dancer and I are on the left.  The horse in the middle is a one year old palomino thoroughbred named Jasper.  He was actually born on February 28th last year, a leap year, and consequently will only have a real birthday every four years.  He is one of only a few hundred palomino thoroughbreds registered with the Jockey Club in America.  The horse on the right is a 25 year old Quarter Horse named Ranger.  Isn’t he buff?  He definitely does not look his age. 

Also, let me be clear on this point – I did not bake my horse a cake from scratch.  The two other super-moms did.  I guess I am just a “no-bake” kind of person.  I put a dollop of beet pulp (something she eats ever day) in the bottom of a disposable container, placed sliced apples and carrots in a flower-like arrangement on top and finished it off with baby carrot “candles.”  But, you know what?  My horse was the first to dig in and the only  one to finish her entire treat!  

 Before the party, I used Dancer in a riding lesson with for a lovely adult dressage student of mine.  We are working on building her confidence.  Dancer was a doll and I think the rider had a good time and felt a sense of accomplishment.  Such a nice feeling.


2 Responses to “Dancer’s Birthday”

  1. Maria Mai said

    Lovely, cake and celebration!

  2. Good on you, Mandy. What a lovely idea and blog post! Best regards, Paul. 🙂

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