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Why do you say “Winnie the Pooh?”

Posted by mandyhuckins on March 17, 2008

Here is what I really love about living overseas – sometimes people ask you a question like the above.  How might something like this come about?  One evening, Colin and I were sitting at a cool restaurant (they have a lounge area with leather chairs where you can relax and either drink raspberry margaritas [me] or smoke cigars [Colin]) talking with some German friends of ours.  As late night conversations sometimes go, someone used the word “puke” in a sentence, as in, “if I eat one more bite, I might puke,” and one of our German friends asked, “puke, what does this mean, puke?”  So, we explained it, using some hand motions and body language (surprising that someone from the restaurant didn’t kindly ask us to leave, but fortunately they didn’t).  When Colin and I explained that “puke” is a slang word for a bodily function, we were asked to recite other slang words in the English language for bodily functions (I guess the Germans we know are really trying to impress their friends with their mastery of English; they do, after all, have PhDs in esoteric scientific subjects that I will never really understand).  This is the topic of conversation that Colin has been training for his whole life – I was wondering how I was going to be able to get him to stop after he really got warmed up.  Luckily, it never got that far…we all got tickled as they tried to practice the difference between “puke,” “pee,” “poop,” and “poo.”  Amidst the laughter and our sweet friends practicing using these words in the correct context with the correct pronunciation, one of them, in a moment of seriousness, turned to me and asked “well, then, why do you say “Winnie the Pooh?”  I don’t know.  Do you?


2 Responses to “Why do you say “Winnie the Pooh?””

  1. beckyray said

    “This is the topic of conversation that Colin has been training for his whole life. . .” That cracks me up! I can just see the expression of excitement on his face at the introduction of potty talk at the table, and the look of exasperation on yours!

  2. Jennifer said

    I agree with Becky! I remember playing basketball with some guys in Mexico City at my in-laws apartment and the guys asking me what Limo Bizkit means. How do you explain that? I also had Mexicans ask me what Will Smith’s “gettin’ jiggy with it” meant!

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